I am still stitching away. 


This is what my SunMoonStars(clouds) has morphed into. Not what I had intended. Things rarely turn out the way I think. it went a strange direction- as often things do here. I think the spiral goes both ways. anyway I'm nearly done, as much as one is who is never sure of anything, for now, i think, with this Wretch. its so moody. well thats how it goes.. you are what you eat.


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a slow piecing

Feeling out the space. Piecing together oh so slowly.

Its hard when there are so many options.. so many directions that I could take. and decisions are not my strong suit.

Trying to remember that nothing is final, and that this is just one thing I might do.. and I don't have to do just one thing.

Maybe I'll make a couple completely different spaces. Experiment. Test it out. Maybe they are pieces of a whole.

 Space is vast and limitless.


Well it happened. I'm sick. Still functioning somewhat though.. so I'll keep with that. 

SunMoonStars(clouds) is slow-going. Didn't plan on planning, but I planned. Stormed more, planned more. Laid out fabric choices.. but... I have a tendency toward too much. Too much pattern, too many seams for a base.. I can go back.. start more simply. I can do that.

unplanned planning

Im happy (for now) with the layout though. Circles are important. There are two circular motions in this square. and the Moon is turning.. or is the shadow traveling around. maybe its both. so then there are four circular movements in the square. 

More thoughts on stars..  maps, story-tellers, time. the sun is a star. We are on it's time. Maybe we are (part of) a story it told. a (day)dream it had? 


wool applique elbow patch mending

Every stitch feels like an experiment. wonder if that will ever change.. but anyway, it's good to have those done.

Finished a long procrastinated mending.. wool appliqué elbow patches. my first venture into wool appliqué really.

plain and detail versions of elbow patch

Today I feel a sickness gathering. Danny's been sick for the last few days... it was only a matter of time. I'm keeping the stove lit, the house warm, the tea flowing. I get pitiful when I get sick. 

Started gathering "scraps of self" for SunMoonStars(clouds). A dress, a patch, a collar found in an antique store then chewed up by Godzilla, some of my grandmothers handkerchiefs, jeans I wore in high school. I have several circles already cut, some stitched.. because circles mean something to me. 

So as the sick gathers and scraps gather, I'll start to piece together a nine patch. I like the off grid. we will see what happens.

and clouds

Today I woke up, started a fire in my stove... which took 20 minutes. Note to self: make some fire starters. Wile I waited for it to heat enough for making breakfast, I wrote my morning pages as part of the practices of The Artists Way. After breakfast, I finished up some SunMoonStars storming.. finding that I want clouds to be a part of this too. If Sun is the light, the origin, and Moon is the mirror of light, and Stars are the windows to other space and story, then clouds are the lenses we look through. The veil that warps truth, lies, and secrets. Lies is strong there... more like many faced.. stretching a truth.. alternate reality- as dreams are. 

the first storming session where clouds have already started to gather

the second storming brought symbol, connection, and the child's sun

So this is what the SunMoonStars look like to me, through my clouds. More later on how this develops.


So clearly I have issues with keeping things going. October now.. lets start again. 

Its not just with blogging, though for me that's one of the worst, its most things. which is strange because I'm quite ritualistic. I eat the same exact thing for breakfast every morning... for years. but have trouble keeping with a chosen daily practice. This month I'm addressing that. I've started The Artist's Way which has me writing three pages every morning. So far I've been pretty good about that. And I'll be taking a workshop offered by Jude Hill, SunMoonStars Diary. October- month of life practices and artistic-self discovery/ awakening.

More on SunMoonStars:

Just a couple months ago, I started following a blog. I'm not typically much of a blogger or blog reader, but this one really caught me. I read it every day.. and now I sort of worship Jude Hill . She is my guru. SunMoonStars Diary is a sort of workshop that she is offering through her blog. It started Sep. 22... so I'm running a little late, but... I'm doing it. I'm doing it to learn, to create differently, think differently, challenge my norms, find my voice through the voice of another, strike a beat/ rhythm and be held accountable for keeping it... and more things.. 

so that's what will be happening now. Again I will try to post daily. a certain time daily- I think morning. a daily update on SunMoonStars, a diary of process and progress. among other things. Sometimes it will be long, there will be pictures, maybe- taking more leaves from Jude- there might be audio. Sometimes it will just be an image, a phrase.. but I will keep on. 

I started at midnight so this still counts!

I have excuses.. valid ones! my mom and seeester are visiting.

Its been a very full day of out to breakfast, art fair, Cactus Flower, grocery indulging, goat meeting, winery musicing, and movie night. Tomorrow will be lazier and I'll find more time to blog where I don't just make it on a technicality. but ta for now

balance and hindsight

Took a break.. next time I'll give some notice. but It is my goal this month (September) to blog every day. We'll see. 

my studio poised and ready for some work... here in the actual physical realm

Day 1: I finally received my replacement phone after crushing mine with a tiny house. It's nice to have a camera again. I admit I missed Instagram. Am I a social media junky now? I'm heading up Danny's social media, but trying to keep mine up too and still have some semblance of balance.. just starting out keeping track of all of that, so far feels like I'm in screens all day. Its surprisingly very draining. I'm sure I'll find a schedule that works soon though, and it will get better. I'd like to be working with my actual hands more. I have several projects started.. old works I'd like to finish, and new pieces in mind. Its not so much that there isn't enough time.. its more a problem with energy. Social media plug: follow Danny on instagram @carpenterowl and me @tatteredrat. We're both (I'm) updating daily. also twitter with those same handles. 

sweet little Rosie

Rosie's light-filled loft

Danny's getting plenty done, and fast. Rosie is so close to being complete. He finished the ceiling yesterday- except for trim work. and today he's putting in the plumbing. Running copper pipes through the house rather than in the walls or under, makes so much sense. They are less likely to freeze in the winter. I wish I had mine done that way. Both incoming and grey water were frozen for me the whole season. Also the skylights for Rosie are brilliant. its just sections of clear roofing, so it disperses sunlight well and there won't be any leaking, also bonus- when it rains it sounds so amazing, like truly being under a metal roof. and the storage compartment built in to the trailer under the house is giant! Theres so much about Rosie to be jealous of. She's smaller than Danny's or my houses, but she's so much cleaner, tighter... elegant is the word that keeps coming up. Im tempted sometimes to sell the Bindle Drum and use the money to commission Danny to make another. Not that I don't love the Drum, because I very much do... there's just a lot I would do differently now, and Carpenter Owls style is so beautiful... artful really.

a different type of wood for every step

a different type of wood for everything

Well thats all for now. I'll be back again tomorrow. 


a good day. a full day. late starts lately. dinner with friends. Chicken for the carnivores. quinoa for us. square dancing. goat escape/ herding. D lit a campfire in the rain- the fire master. its burning again and he and Aaron are building a dock. Now I'll have no excuse to not swim. There's a new kitten on the farm whose name I think should be Topsy- for the electric elephant.. for no particular reason. but its not up to me- we'll see. Goodnight.

woodpeckers, chickens, and godzilla oh my!

Been an animal filled day so far. We wake up every morning to Chantaclear starting time.. (and reminding us throughout the day) sometimes from right beneath our windows. He's an intimidating gorgeous thing. black and gold with long quill pedals and tiger eyes. But he's kind for a rooster. He watches over the hens, a benevolent dictator, and doesn't seem to mind them taking food right out of his sharp little mouth. We had breakfast outside today and dropped some bits of cheese and toast for them. The chickens don't notice being stroked like pets when theres food a foot. one leapt up and perched briefly on the arm of my chair. They are not pets- feathered reptiles, dinosaurs.

Rosie's in a hurry to be a home. Maybe too much so, since she's calling over the wrong creatures. We found a downy woodpecker clinging in her wool today. I didn't know they had such long tongues with barbed ends. It was difficult getting it untangled. brought to mind that scene in a Christmas Story when the boy's tongue froze to the light post. We got him out though, and when the shock wore off, he climbed a tree and flew away. I love woodpeckers. they may be my favorite type of bird. or hummingbirds. Parrots are very interesting too. and I had a very cool dream once about a painted bunting and scissor tail fly catcher.

I utterly destroyed my phone awhile back... dropped it wile moving our tiny homes in the dark.. found it later after having apparently run over it with one or both of the homes... I doubt I could have done a more thorough job of demolishing it. I get by ok without it though. Not nearly as bad as I thought. Just taking photos.. thats what I miss most. Turns out I can take some with my computer... not very good ones, but anyway here is one of the Godzilla dolls I've been making:

Godzillas/ Dinosaurs should be more cuddly. here. 

  What do you think? I want to make other dolls for the kiddos- what type of creatures should I make?

Some Sun

Some sun today. Just a taste.. but it tastes good. The Houses don't like sulking in the swamp land. They mold and rot.. and fester. But the last of the grime that can be scrubbed, has been scrubbed from the Snail. Three coats of Tung Oil today. The smell of citrus for weeks to come. The Tug is next for this. Then interior work for both- repair for the snail, redesign for the tug. Meanwhile Rosie (Danny's work in progress) is blooming as the interior walls go up and the bathroom is framed. The Drum carries on, not immanently needing anything. Except life and motion. I work inside with only slight direction, but it feels like as long as there's movement, it's happy. Movement in any direction is going the right way. Know what I mean?

Settling [In]

It's pretty here. and quiet. The Houses are leveled and jacked, tied down for extra solidity. They sit semicircled, facing out toward the wild growth, dropping down and away into the swimming pond. The fish bite if you stop moving. so you have to keep moving. I dug a fire pit in the middle of our carved out courtyard. We had a fire once. teekee torches have been erected. We lit them a couple times. the vases have flowers. iron weed, queen ann's lace, daisies, something yellow, something dead. The bird feeders have been filled with black oil sunflower seed and hung. the rain came. the birds didn't. the feeders are sprouting or hung with squirrels. Danny's moved his studio out here. he's made a lot of progress on his build lately. and has also been waking the snail from the outside in. with chemicals they don't sell in europe. I made a sewn dinosaur or godzilla doll. It felt good. I'd like to make more dolls for children.. if they want that too. but kids today.. who knows what they want.. It would be good to see the sun again. 

all of everything

Scanning through all of everything. Just a cursory tour though, because in-depth intimidates me from writing at all. 

In November I moved into The Bindle Drum, my tiny home on wheels.- designed by me as a private sanctuary for a reclusive fiber artist vintage dancer, a poodle familiar with a name bigger than her ability to cope when master leaves, and a black tabby who is secretly white and good at scaling the sides of bookshelves like a rock climber. I named my home with twentys slang. Bindle meaning bundle (like that with which a hobo carries all of his possessions) and drum meaning speakeasy- a smugglers bar that served alcohol during prohibition.... though I associate speakeasy more with secrecy, atmosphere, magic.. everything from that time. I rented space in the backyard of a person who answered my search ad on craigslist. Living there was good. I was close to downtown, could walk there when I wanted. I befriended another local tiny house dweller (and builder)- Danny, who lives in Snails Away: The Fiddling Snail, and sometime around February or March (there is some debate here) we were dating... whatever that really means. Mid/late June an opportunity knocked.. to move our homes to a homestead 10 minutes out and live there together month to month for a reasonable rent wile the owner tried to sell. So we moved into the main house and, as a business experiment, listed our tiny homes on AirBnB. It was very successful. We made good money, felt good giving dreamers the tiny house experience for a night or two, and fueled our own dreamers' fires.. imaginings of beautiful land with a clear stream and very large swimming pond. A camp of tiny homes circled around a campfire, a village of tree houses clinging like turkey tail to high boughs, a very whimsical floating home armada curving like waves, green roofed bath houses, stone domed saunas, spiral mosaic outdoor showers, sunset baths, and separately off to the side somewhere, a little homestead centered on a co-designed dream home, wrapping around an old growth tree, with transparent walls and outdoor beds, dance floors, fish swimming up to the wild flower roof. woodshop, fiber shop, goats, ducks, gardens, and so many poodles. 

After about a week we were finally settled in, and then the house sold. We moved out 45 days later. 

Now we've moved our tiny homes and one more which Danny's building for a client, further out, onto our friend Aaron's beautiful land. There's a swimming pond here. It is peaceful... on the surface. We are living in our tiny homes again and not renting them out. Im glad... have really missed the Drum. The cat likes it better here too, pulling herself vertically up the bookshelf. She is transitioning to being outdoors part-time, but does not like it when I'm not around. The transition for us, so many of them, have been very hard. We will see...